As part of the campaign, The Truth About Tech offers specially designed workshops aimed at primary school pupils and led by Belinda Parmar OBE. During the workshops, kids explore issues surrounding technology addiction and how it impacts relationships and emotions.



The workshops encourage pupils to reflect on their technology consumption and feelings related to it. Through interactive teaching, they become more aware of the positive and the negative aspects of technology and how to effectively balance them. They also discuss peer pressure and learn ways to be assertive. The workshops also stress the importance of understanding the physical changes that take place in the brain, when technology is used and how it can make people addicted. Finally, children are given small, but impactful, nudges they might want to implement at home to make their relationship with technology healthier and more productive.

During workshops, children are presented with several



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What can you do as a parent?


Act consistently with your partner. Your efforts to help limit your child’s technology consumption can be undermined if others do not back you up. Make sure everyone sets a good example: children don’t want to lose their parents to technology either.

Look out for the signs of tech addiction and act on them. Do you notice your child becoming increasingly aggressive when asked to come off their games console? Does your child seem anxious at the suggestion of leaving their phone in a different room? Be open with your child about the effect technology is having on their mental wellbeing.


Introduce good habits from the start. It’s easier to start on the right foot than change bad habits.

Remove all devices from the bedroom at night. The artificial light emitted from screens stimulates neurons in the brain making it harder to sleep and affecting concentration levels the next day.

Think about using apps to limit your child’s technology usage. It’s easy to control which devices in your home have internet access through your internet provider. Apps like Moment allow you to manage and set limits on your family’s screen time through your phone.