What we are doing

Having previously campaigned for technology to be more inclusive of women, Belinda Parmar OBE raises awareness about addiction to technology and opens a discussion on how to hold Silicon Valley accountable.
Belinda Parmar was a passionate advocate of the digital revolution – but has started keeping her family’s smartphones and laptops locked away to protect her loved ones. Is she right to be so worried?

Workshops for Schools

As part of the campaign, The Truth About Tech offers specially designed workshops aimed at primary school pupils and led by Belinda Parmar OBE. During the workshops, kids explore issues surrounding technology addiction and how it impacts relationships and emotions.

“There’s a lot going on at school and I find my phone like a safety blanket”

– Student from a workshop in July 2018

“When my device gets taken away, I come back to the real world, where I don’t want to be”

– Student from a workshop in July 2018

“There are loads of people at school who are using social media to tell everyone how depressed they are”

– Student from a workshop in July 2018

“If my parents took my phone away I would feel feel left out from the world and I would be annoyed”

– Student from a workshop in July 2018


The workshops encourage pupils to reflect on their technology consumption and feelings related to it. Through interactive teaching, they become more aware of the positive and the negative aspects of technology and how to effectively balance them. They also discuss peer pressure and learn ways to be assertive. The workshops also stress the importance of understanding the physical changes that take place in the brain, when technology is used and how it can make people addicted. Finally, children are given small, but impactful, nudges they might want to implement at home to make their relationship with technology healthier and more productive