Are you addicted?

The Classic signs of Video games addiction by Ciaran O’Conor, see ‘Control the Controller’

Step 1

Constantly pre-occupied by gaming. Even when away from the game the gamer is either immersing themselves in game-related media or is simply daydreaming about them.

Step 2

Not being satisfied with games and gaming but still playing extensively. This might involve playing one game excessively despite finding it boring or repetitive or frequently switching between many games, never satisfied with any of them.

Step 3

Reacting emotionally when games are withdrawn. This is often when somebody else intervenes and turns it off or when another factor prevents them from gaming.

Step 4

Frequent arguments and conflicts around how much the gamer plays. This results in the use of manipulative behaviour in attempts to keep gaming including aggression, deceit, flattery and appeals to pity.

Step 5

A noticeable emotional or physical distress when the gamer is not playing that disappears when the gaming restarts. It seems as if they require gaming in order to control their feelings.

Step 6

Repeatedly falling back into bad gaming habits. The gamer may have made a number of attempts to control their gaming but has each time ended up once again playing to levels that disturb either them or those living with them.

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